Monday, September 2, 2013

Classroom Set Up 2013

My classroom is finally all ready for the 1st day of school tomorrow. The theme is polka dots to go along with our class name, "The Third Grade Learning Spot". I tried to stick to bright, primary colors to match the rugs and make the room cheery.

My favorite part of the room is "The Library Spot". Books are arranged in baskets according to genre. Reading genre posters are displayed on the wall. Atop the shelf are a Dr. Seuss reading quote and "Keep Calm because 3rd Grade Rocks" print in glittery frames I purchased at Michaels. I'm still searching for contact paper or a table runner to place under them to brighten up the shelving unit. I still haven't decided if I'm going to get a tiny rug for the floor.
My next favorite part of the room is "The Writing Spot". The table holds the Writing Fundamentals curriculum; in 3rd grade the students complete a Patricia Polacco author study and write their own childhood memories; an autobiography/biography unit; and a personal narrative unit. The table also holds pencils, colored pencils, paper, and a script alphabet stencil to practice writing in script. Above the table is the writing bulletin board. The left side displays the writing process, writing genres, and the seven traits of good writing. The right side is waiting for students' published writing.

In front of the room is the whiteboard. The right side displays the calendar and "The Homework Spot". Students' homework will be posted daily in this area and students will write down assignments in their agenda books. The homework labels can be purchased at my TPT store.


In front of my desk is "The Job Spot". I keep track of what jobs students have had on a tracker sheet on a clipboard to make sure everyone gets a turn doing each job.

Atop my desk is the homework basket. The stop sign in it is a reminder for students to make sure their names are on their papers so I know whose work is whose.


The back wall is where student cubbies are. I keep the students' portfolios and writing journals on top of the cubbies.


Our meeting area is where we gather for mini lessons and read alouds.
Here's my teaching cabinet and a close-up of student birthday treats. I got the birthday balloon straw idea from Pinterest.

Here you can see two of the classroom management techniques I utilize. All students start on green on "The Behavior Spot". Yellow is a verbal warning and red is a time-out. The class caring tree is where students earn hearts for caring behavior they've displayed.

   The door is personalized with students' names on dots keeping with the room theme.

Here you can see the classroom windows. I put window clings on according to the season. The clothesline will display student work.

This is what the room looks like from the door.

Now all that's needed is my students who I get to meet tomorrow!!!


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  1. I really like your idea for the library! Where did you get your genre charts?