Sunday, July 29, 2018

Technology Tools

Teachers often hear jokes and jibes about having 2 months off during the summer, but we know that we spend it doing professional development workshops and planning for the new school year. One of the things my teacher brain has focused on this summer is learning about technology tools that enhance lesson plans and classroom management. Here's some of my favs:

Class Dojo

Go Noodle -Get your students moving in between lessons to burn off energy!
Remind -Classroom messaging app to communicate with students, families, and staff
Online Stopwatch-Variety of fun timers to assist with time management
Live Binders -Organize your teaching resources in an online binder for f-r-e-e!
Brainpop Jr -Subject videos followed by fun quizzes and jokes. Some videos are for free if your school doesn't have an account.
ABCYA-Games for grade pre-K through 5
Scholastic Study Jams-Reinforce math and science topics with animated videos

Kahoot -Create online review games

 -Create your own quizzes or use those created by other teachers.
Bookcreator-Create, publish, and share online books
Newsela -Current events articles from sources such as The Washington Post adapted to 5 different reading levels

Have Fun Teaching (all subjects)
Math Antics
Bill Nye the Science Guy
Make Me Genius (science)
Crash Course Kids (science)

Happy learning!

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

"Bugs, Birds" and Biodiversity" Manasquan Reservoir Field Trip

Our third grade science unit, "Living Things and Their Environments", came to life when we participated in Manasquan Reservoir's "Bugs, Birds, and Biodiversity" program. The field trip began with a live animal presentation, including meeting a catfish and bass, painted turtle and box turtle, a variety of frogs and toads, and a corn snake that some students were brave enough to touch!

 (catfish and bass)

 (top-box turtle, bottom-painted turtle)

(corn snake)

Next, students completed an animal adaption lab activity by rotating through 3 hands-on stations that included re-enacting how animals gather food and matching animals to the food they eat.

We then went on a nature walk that including visiting a butterfly garden and the reservoir. Some students even spotted a gopher peeping out of its burrow! 

The unit came alive in class as well. One of the hands-on activity we did was working in small teams to create 4 link food chains that began with a producer and ended with a consumer...
   Happy learning!                                           

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Read Across America 2018

A Seusstastic time was had by all celebrating Read Across America 2018! To prepare for the special day I decorated hallways and bulletin boards with Seuss characters and quotes to get everyone in the Seuss spirit...

The day started with guest visitors reading Dr. Seuss books: our class was visited by my friend, Mrs. Carol Fillippi, a Monmouth County Historical Society docent, who arrived in her handmade colonial costume to read to us Oh, the Places You'll Go...

Next, we showed off our Seusstastic style during the school Seuss character costume parade...

We then returned to class and created "Oh, the Places We'll Go" hot air balloons. Students picked a place they want to go and wrote three reason why, using transitions words to begin each sentence..

Another Seuss writing project displayed in our room is our Dr. Seuss biographies that students wrote during our biography genre unit...

We ended the celebration watching Horton Hears a Who with 1st and 2nd grade. 

Here's some moreSeuss styled decs displayed in our classroom...