Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Snow Day Scoop

Two back to back snow days is the perfect opportunity to catch up with blogging.

We traveled back in time when Mr. Davidson from the Cranbury Historical Society Museum visited our class to teach us about Native Americans and colonists who once resided in our community. Mr. Davidson, dressed as a colonist, brought maps and pictures, which brought to life the stories he shared with us. We especially liked his tricorne hat and learning about the duel between Aaron Burr and Alexander Hamilton. Mr. Davidson's stories integrated what we've been learning about in reading, social studies, and science.


We've been learning about pronouns in a variety of ways, including playing the "Pronoun Pockets" game. Each student received a card with a sentence written on it that contained a noun. The student then placed the card in the pronoun pocket that could replace the noun. For example, "The mom made spaghetti for dinner." was placed in the "she" pronoun pocket. The way I created the pockets was by gluing envelopes on to posterboard.


To encourage good classroom behavior I recently introduced a "Class Reward Jar." I purchased the small plastic jar at A.C. Moore, then decorated it with letter stickers and curling ribbon. When the class is exhibiting good behavior it earns a marble...and, sometimes more than one. 

I gave the kids choices for a reward: one night of no homework, a special snack, or a movie. The class voted for a movie. And, the "desk fairy" continues to leave treats for students who keep their desks organized and neat.
Finally, I'm not sure why, but Blogger refuses to display my uploaded photos large after the 1st one. However, if you click on a photo it should open in large size in a gallery.




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