Sunday, February 1, 2015

Woot! Two posts in one week! Ok, time to join Farley's linky party...

Listening: I'm  vegging to a Billy Joel station on Pandora while I try to complete report cards. The only thing that bums me out about Pandora is the commercials.

Loving:  Too bad I can't wear my new sweats, purchased at The Loft, to school. Or everyday. They even have zippered pockets, peeps. Plus, I found a petite pair so this lilteacher doesn't need them shortened : )

 Thinking: I'm gonna get back to report cards as soon as I'm done posting this Currently. Really.

Wanting: Sunshine! Or temps above 32 degrees. It's been cloudy and brrrrrrrr the past week and more snow is expected tonight...maybe another snow day tomorrow?

Needing: To finish the aforementioned report cards.

Pageant Title: If you saw my classroom and house you would completely understand.

Happy February!


  1. I love those sweats! I may have to check them out. Good luck with report cards. :)
    Fun in ECSE

  2. My college apartment was never so clean as it was the week before finals, and my home today is never so clean as it is the week I have report cards to complete. :D Carol's Teaching Garden

  3. Loving those sweats! And also.. Billy Joel Pandora is one of my very favs! Good luck with those report cards missy!
    Fifth Grade Ramblings