Saturday, May 2, 2015

May Currently

It's time for Farley's link up!

This is the first birthday in a while that I don't turning another year older. Plus, I'm happy it's this upcoming weekend along with Mother's Day. I feel lucky to be spending both days with my mom and a friend visiting from out of town and am looking forward to the fun planned.

My class has been studying animals in science the past few weeks with a strong focus on butterflies. That's because we received a butterfly lifecycle kit. Our caterpillars transformed into chrysalises a week ago so I'm wondering  if we'll have some special company fluttering around on Monday. Here's our Science Spot with the chrysalises in the butterfly habitat...

Warm weather is finally here! This weekend it's been sunny and in the 70's and may even reach the 80's tomorrow! I soaked in the sun walking around a college town with friends today and tomorrow am spending the day at Peddler's Village in Lahaska, Pennsylvania...

For the 2nd time in my life I have a  subconjunctival hemorrage aka burst blood vessel in my eye. Hence, I look like I could be an extra on the set of a Twilight movie. My students handled it pretty well once I explained what it was, causes, and that I feel absolutely no pain. Some students in higher grades flipped out, gawking and pulling friends over to stare at my eye. At first, I handled it using my "teacher approach", patiently explaining what it was. When that failed I moved on to another tactic...I told them I was really a vampire and if they continued to gawk I would take a bite outta them and they would look like me.
 ~giggles~ Is it wrong I enjoyed the 2nd tactic much more? The story shows how young kids can be more accepting than teens and adults.

My summer plans include a vacation in Panama City, Florida, followed by a few days visiting friends in Georgia and a stop at the Atlanta Aquarium, one of my fav aquariums. I also have a list of ideas for TPT products. Most of all, I want to try to be in the present, enjoying each day of summer break and taking time to relax and dream.

    Happy May!


  1. How exciting that you will be visiting the town I work in this summer! I hope you make it to the beaches before the green slime comes in once it gets hot! Enjoy your visit and hope you have butterflies soon!
    Burke's Special Kids

    1. I read the "green slime" affects the beaches in June so I'm hoping I don't encounter any!

  2. Hi,'s Renee. Love the tulip picture! It is wonderful to see all of the buds and flowers once again! I teach science to all our K-5th graders at my school. Our second graders are watching our painted lady caterpillars grow. This week...they started turning into chrysalis. I have to get our my butterfly nets Monday. I have it on my to do list. I agree...growing more products for my TPT store is at the top of my list! Good luck!

    Renee at The Science School Yard

  3. Guess what's inside the chrysalises...
    : )

  4. Haha loved your vampire tactic Renee. Happy Summer vacay!
    Stars and Wishes