Sunday, February 12, 2017

February Fun

February has been flying by with lots of learning and fun! In math, we learned how to find the area of regular and irregular shapes by counting square units and multiplying. Some of the area activities we completed included identifying the area of shapes on the Smartboard...
and using square tiles to find the area of shapes...
 Now that we've completed the unit we'll be moving on to learning how to represent and interpret data which will include bar graphs, pie graphs, line plots, and line graphs.

3rd graders have become rock stars learning about the 3 types of rocks: igneous, metamorphic, and sedimentary. We classified rock samples according to the MOH hardness scale in science lab using rock samples that we rubbed against tile to determine how hard or soft they were. Students classified rock samples as one of the 3 types of rock in class. We also classified Tootsie Rolls, chocolate chip cookies, and layered creme cookies as igneous, metamorphic of sedimentary. We recorded our observations on field recording sheets, such as determining the layered creme cookies represented sedimentary rocks because of their layers. Of course we had a delicious time eating the test samples when we were done!

The hit of our rock unit was the rock museum we set up using books and samples of rocks, minerals, and gems. Thank you to all the families that brought in samples to add to our collection!
In writing we've begun learning how to compose persuasive narratives using the method "OREO", which stands for "opinion-reason-example-opinion restated". Our introduction to the method began with an anchor chart and a "Click Clack Moo" read aloud and discussion about how the characters in the story persuaded a farmer through their letter writing.
We're currently writing persuasive letters to Mrs Hoberman about "Something Shalom Torah Academy Needs" and are looking forward to the responses we'll get from her. 

In reading, we're midway through our Charlotte's Web novel study. Students created self-portrait spiders holding index cards with a decorated word describing themselves on it for our "Word Weavers" display. Speaking of reading we've been participating in "DEAR", which stands for "Drop Everything and Read" whenever we have some free time....
      Happy learning!

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