Monday, October 28, 2013

Centra State Adventures in Health Class Trip

We had fun nose to toes during our class trip to Centra State's Student Health Awareness Center's "Adventure to Health" exhibit. First, the students met "TAM", the Translucent Anatomical Mannequin. As Tam revolved around her body parts lit up and she explained their function. We then entered the theater to watch a welcome video.

 It was then time to enter the "inside of a human torso". 18 interactive stations were divided by "ribs" and the ceiling was aglow with a spine and blood vessels curling around the exhibits. The interactive stations included "Germ Attack", where students gripped a "tongue" that transferred "germs" on to their hands. The students then entered a darkened chamber and saw the germs show up in ultra-violet light.
 Other exhibits included "Pedal Movers" where students had to pedal at a certain speed on stationary biked to make their bikes on a video screen move while the energy they were using was measured; a set of lungs that demonstrated breathing when we pushed a handle up and down; and "Healthy Highway Drive-thru" where students were sent through a stimulated drive-thru and made healthy food selections, which had nutritional results calculated.


          One of the kids' favorite stations was a giant nose. The kids donned gloves and stuck their hands up the large nostril to feel "mucus and cilia", while watching their hands' travel on a screen.
          The other popular station was "Organize Me". Students sat on a large vitamin that traveled through the body thanks to a blue background and computer screen. Along the way we learned the basic functions of the digestive system.


 Our trip wrapped up with a movie about the body systems and then it was time to head back to school. We're definitely more organ-wise after our time at Centra State!



  1. Wow! Looks like it was a wonderful learning experience for the kids! What a great idea to take them there! Thank you!

  2. Wow indeed, seemed you had a fun great day. it's a wonderful and an effective way to teach our kids the human body and have the experience to explore with all kind of attractions they offer for them at this place. thank you so much my daughter Mika had an awesome time :))) Ayelet Sayag