Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Spinning Subtraction -n- Poppin' Plural Nouns

We've been spinnin' doing subtraction in math, including learning how to regroup big numbers. One strategy the class learned to help regroup large equations that contain zeroes is called "Squaring Off". The kids loved demonstrating their understanding of this strategy on the whiteboard.
Another way we practiced subtracting large equations requiring regrouping was playing "Spinning Subtraction" Using laminated spinners, pencils, and paperclips, small groups created and solved subtraction problems. The spinners are easy to make and can be found at:
We spiffed up our subtraction and aiming skills playing "Sponge Subtraction". I wrote subtraction problems on a Dollar Store tablecloth using a Sharpie. Each student tossed a sponge and the class solved the subtraction problem it landed on. Once the problem was solved we covered it with an index card and the next student would aim for a different equation.
We were also poppin' learning about plural noun in language arts.
We first learned the 4 types of nouns (common, proper, singular, and plural) by making noun foldable books.
Students then demonstrated their understanding of the concept by placing noun cards in the correct type of noun bag.
After learning that nouns that end in x, ch, and sh get an -es and nouns ending in y get the y replaced by -ies we played "Popping Plural Nouns". I drew -es and -ies popcorn buckets on the whiteboard and students had to place their noun card in the correct bucket. We then wrote the plural form under the bucket.

A teacher's day is brightened when he or she hears a student say something cute, funny, or related to what's being taught in class. I had one of those moments today when a student was looking at a textbook and said to me, "Hey, look! This words ends in -es like the nouns we've been learning!" Woot! Okay, time to pop back to the lesson plans...

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