Thursday, September 25, 2014

Popcorn Descriptive Writing

Our descriptive writing creativity was popping when we wrote  narratives in which we pretended we were popcorn kernels about to POP in the microwave. The writing process began when students completed a 5 senses popcorn bubblemap. They munched on real popcorn for inspiration while they brainstormed.



The next step was using the popcorn bubble maps for ideas as students composed a first draft. After revising and editing, final drafts were written on popcorn paper. I mounted final copies on yellow construction paper and hung them on a bulletin board titled "3rd Graders Are POPPING With Creativity!" In addition, I hung a real popcorn container filled with yellow tissue paper and photos of the kids enjoying their popcorn.

The "Popcorn Descriptive Writing Packet" is available at my TPT store. It contains directions and printables.

                  Popcorn Descriptive Writing Packet

Happy learning!

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