Friday, September 5, 2014

First Week Peek

Woot! I've survived the 1st week of school! The 1st day was Tuesday and by Thursday I was running on pure adrenaline, but I'm loving my new class. It's filled with a bunch of cuties. And a few "interesting" personalities. But, that's what makes life interesting, right??? Here's a peek at the 1st week.

The night before school I "brewed" some Jitter Juice...
 which the kids guzzled down after we discussed how we felt on the 1st day of school and read First Day Jitters...

 It was fun listening to them try to figure out what the Jitter Juice was made from. Then, we read a "Jitter Juice" poem and wrote a paragraph about a time we felt jittery under it. The poem and response will be the 1st page of our poetry folders.
Another 1st day activity was learning what a constitution is, then creating our own. Students signed and decorated pledge cards to display around it.
Our 1st reading activity was learning 9 strategies of good readers, then creating reading strategy bookmarks to help us apply them to our own reading. A bonus is it helps keep our place in our reading anthologies.
The most exciting event of the week was our "Can You save Fred" experiment. First, students created scientific method flipbooks. Next, they used the scientific method and teamwork to figure out how to save Fred, a gummyworm. Teams had to get Fred off his capsized boat (upside down cup) and into his lifepreserver (gummy ring) that was under the boat using only 4 paperclips. Teams created a  hypothesis to determine the best way to save Fred, then tested their ideas. Students made flow charts showing the steps and results of the experiment. And, ate some gummy candy of course!


In language arts we created 4 Types of Sentences flipbooks, then learned what a subject and predicate is. To demonstrate our understanding of these terms we classified phrase sentence strips as either a subject or predicate on the whiteboard.
I'm now off to get some much needed rest!


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