Monday, November 3, 2014

November Currently

Eek! I'm a day late to Farley's linky party, but I have a good reason, which is included in my November Currently. So, without further ado...

Listening: The laces in Michael Waltrip's "Tarzan" costume looked more like something Robin Hood would wear imho, but kudos to anyone who can do the Cha Cha and Foxtrot on a national T.V show without falling flat on their face.

Loving: I attended a wedding Saturday night at the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens and spent the majority of Sunday recouping. While I remembered to set my clock back for Daylight Savings Time, I forgot to post my Currently, which made me : (  However, I was : ) with the hairdo my mom's hairdresser created for the shingding. Here's the results after 1 hour, 26 hairpins, and more hairspray than I've used in the last year...

(Ignore the sage green walls that the last homeowner painted...
unless you love sage green walls, wink)
Thinking: I think I may have said it in my last Currently, but I have to get back into a gym routine, including making it to my Monday night aqua sculpt class. Our class trip to Centra State's Adventures in Health last week included one hands-on exhibit where you step on a scale that calculates your height, weight, and BMI. The machine said I'm an inch shorter than I thought I was for the past 20 years. (At 4'11", every inch counts!) And, when it calculated my BMI my response was...

Wanting: I'm supposed to be getting my new class Smartboard any day now. I've attended several training workshops and been researching Smartboard lesson plans online so am eager to start implementing ideas. Plus, I want to get rearranging the classroom over with once I know where the Smartboard will be placed.
Needing: To get crackin' on my Holiday Shoppping To Do List! I am one of those people who will actually step into a store on Black Friday, although I draw the line at setting up camp the night before. I don't enjoy the hunt for a parking space and being smushed in crowds, but I do like the excitement, hunt for bargains, and people watching.
Reading: I would have never ever predicted I would say I love e-books. I'm a bona fida bookworm and enjoy the whole sensory experience of reading, including touching and turning actual book pages. That said, I seriously love my Kindle. I can peruse books any hour day or night and it's slimmer than a book so easier to take places with me. Plus, my e-library means I can borrow lots of books without having to pay for them in a bookstore. Seven for a Secret is the 2nd Timothy Wilde mystery by Lindsay Faye. (The first, Gods of Gotham, I also read on my Kindle.) I seem to be on a Victorian Era mystery kick because the books I read before starting the Timothy Wilde series were the same setting and genre, including The Yard and The Bedlam Dectective. The Eye of God, by James Rollins, is also a mystery, but set in modern times.
  Happy November!

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  1. Your hair looks gorgeous and you will love your new Smartboard soooo much!!! I've had one for 2 years and I couldn't imagine class without it! You know about the Smart Exchange, don't you!

    The Benders Bunch