Tuesday, June 2, 2015

June Currently

It's time for Farley's link up party!

Although I don't usually like or watch reality shows I get a kick out of America's Got Talent. It beats summer reruns.

I'm loving that my final marking period report cards are done! I can't believe there's only 13 days left of school! I'm definitely going to miss this year's gang, which was filled with a bunch of sweeties.

I want a massage after starting to pack up my classroom today and organize my teaching supplies at home. And, there's still a LOT to go! I've already started planning and copying things for the next school year and this one isn't even done!

I'm super excited about my summer vacation to Panama City, Florida. I've been to Florida several times, but this is the 1st time I'll be visiting the Gulf Coast. I'll be visiting friends down there as well as a friend in New Hampshire. I'm also looking forward to relaxing days at the beach and pool and having time to create more products for my TPT store.

What are your summer plans?

Happy June!


  1. Renee, WOW you are on top of it with getting ready for next school year! Have fun in Florida that sounds fantastic :) Wishing you a relaxing summer!

    Take care,
    -Momma with a Teaching Mission

  2. I can definitely identify with your wanting a massage after starting to pack your classroom! I found out I'll be moving rooms in the next few weeks and am almost hesitant to pack it all in cabinets only to pull it out so soon! Thankfully, I have an understanding custodian and am moving from one room with carpet to another, so the floors don't need to be waxed and he told me I could take my time. Enjoy your summer!

  3. I want a massage, too! Have fun traveling and have an awesome summer! Carol's Teaching Garden

  4. Oooh I could use a massage after today too! Field Day + Last Day of School + Packing Up Classroom = Needing a massage! Have a great trip this summer!

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