Monday, February 1, 2016

Currently February

It's Currently time again to join Farley's Linky Party !

I wish a pencil Fairy would visit my classroom because lately I've been buying packs of pencils for my students every weekend and they're gone by the following Wednesday. My students started the school year armed with 3 packs of pencils, but they were MIA by November. I've asked parents to provide their kiddos with new pencils or erasable pens, labeled my personal pencil stash with duct tape so the kids know to return them by the end of the day, and had the kids label their own pencils with their names. However, half of them are missing their pencils by the next day. Or the pencils are so short (and chewed up) that they can't go in the pencil sharpener. I'm contemplating starting Ladybug's Pencil Challenge
Anyone else have the pencil problemo and found a successful solution other than buying stock in #2 pencils?

Something that's been bringing me joy is my new Fellows Small Office Laminator, which I received for Chanukah. It's quiet and easy to use. I've turned into a laminating lunatic since getting it and don't have to worry about the school laminator breaking.

 Wishing everyone a fantastic February!


  1. I love laminating things! Sorry about the pencils... that is one of the little things I don't deal with as an ancillary teacher (thank goodness). I hope you find a solution!
    Have a great month!

  2. Getting my own laminator would be a dream come true! I love the photo that goes along with it! Good luck with the pencil challenge!

  3. (Waves hand) My students too are having the most difficult time keeping up with their own pencils and not chewing or breaking them down like little beavers! I just went to the store a couple of weeks ago and bought a ton of pencils (let's see how long those last)!I actually thought about the pencil challenge but never used it! If you try it, let me know how it goes!

    I bought my own personal laminator my first year of teaching! It was literally one of the best decisions of my teaching career (lol)!

  4. I haven't used the laminator in years! It is always broken. Great picture!
    Teacher Essentials

  5. I have totally used that pencil challenge and it does work wonders! At the beginning of each year, I buy pouches of some kind (cheap but durable) and put 3 pencils inside. I only sharpen pencils once a week. I REFUSE to do it any other time. Each week when I gather them to sharpen, if they still have all 3, I put a small prize inside the pouch (sometimes its another pencil, but often its an eraser, a sticker, a small piece of candy, etc). I only do the prizes every week for the first 4-6 weeks of school (conditioning! :) ) and then I don't do it anymore. They don't even notice when they don't get the prizes anymore. Then once a month or so I add a prize just to spice things up. It has saved my life SO MANY TIMES and I'm not buying pencils all the time.

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