My Classroom

The polka dot theme reflects the class name. I tried to stick to primary colors with some neon splashes here and there to make the room bright and cheery. I used blue paper and black border with white polka dots for bulletin boards to create a cohesive look and not overwhelm the eyes. 
The door to the classroom is personalized with students' names...

The closest display to the door is what I think of as my classroom management area. This is where the class constitution is displayed. One of our first day activities is discussing what a constitution and signing and illustrating pledge index cards that get hung around it.  

Under the constitution is the "Spotlight on Behavior". Every student starts on green every day. A warning for inappropriate behavior means a student moves his/her card to yellow. If the inappropriate behavior continues, his/her name card moves to red and a consequence is given. The chart below it is our "Class Caring Tree". Whenever a student is spotted doing a kind act he/she earns a caring heart stating his/her caring act. Simple and the kids love it.

My favorite area in the room is the "Library Spot". Baskets purchased from The Dollar Tree hold books according to genre. To warm up the bookshelf, I found a table runner at Kohl's and posted reading and class quotes in glittery frames purchased at Michaels.  Above the shelf are genre posters and a "Read" banner that I made using wood triangles purchased at Hobby Lobby and polka dot alphabet stickers. 

My next favorite area is the "Writing Spot". Our writing curriculum books and paper are kept on the table. The bulletin board displays the writing process and writing genres we study. The "What Do Writers Write?" pencil was created by Amy Lemons. Blank space will display student writing...

 I found motivational subway art at Technology Rocks. Seriously. I mounted them on blue and black glittery scrapbook paper. Who doesn't love some bling?

Other subject areas are the "Social Studies Spot" and "Science Spot". Both will contain subject related posters and student projects...

Here's our meeting area. The easel contains a writing chart and whiteboard. Here's our first day message...

 The classroom is limited on space so I keep the journal basket and math and language arts file folder center tubs atop a counter. Students chose center tubs or go to the library center when finished with classwork.

And here's my a neat state ; )

The front of the desk displays "The Job Spot".  I used border around the desk's edges to dress it up. On the left side of the desk is the homework basket. Before placing homework in it students highlight their names to prevent the no name problemo. The highlighters cup also contains students' names written on Popsicle sticks. Every day our class journal  helper picks 3 Popsicle sticks and those students read their journal entries.  On the right side of the desk is our class reward jar. When it's filled with marbles, the students vote on a reward such as a night of no homework, extra recess, or special snack. Most years a class movie party wins.

Behind the desk is the Smartboard and whiteboard. This year, I changed my homework subject labels to the dots shown below. (Here comes a shameless plug alert.) Both these and my other homework subject labels are available at my TPT store. I used wasi tape to divide the routine when we enter class from the homework spot.

By my desk is "The Birthday Spot". Each student gets to pick a crazy straw on his/her special day. The idea comes from Pinterest. Not too expensive and relatively easy-peasy.

I attached  glitter clothespins to a clothesline to display student work. The window clings change monthly to reflect the season or holidays.  Table numbers hang above each group of student desks. Nameplates on desks display the students' names in print and script. Here's the view from the front door...

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