Saturday, August 2, 2014

August Currently

Well, it's not the 1st of August, BUT it is still August! So without further ado, here's my August Currently hosted by the fantastic, funny Farley .

Tomorrow the girls in my 2013-2014 3rd grade class are coming over for a pool party! The class was mostly boys so the few girls really bonded with each other. The weather forecast predicts morning showers and afternoon clouds so our pool party might become an indoor arts-n-crafts party. I went to Michael's and found some cute wooden picture frames and bookmarks that the girls can color. And, because they're girly girls like moi I picked up some extra sequins, sparkly stickers, and glitter they can glam their crafts up with. My plan is to take a group photo of the gang and quickly upload and print it on my computer so the girls can have a BFF group shot for their frames.

Since I've been back from vacation I've begun concentrating on my back to school to do list. However, every time I cross something off I think of something else to add so the list grows daily. Ack! Anyway, I have made progress creating new room decs, including a new birthdays display, and even started sketching out first and second week lesson plans. I still have a few more weeks to get everything done, but with my type A perfectionist personality I'll feel much better when I know I've gotten as much done as I can before the 1st day. My first "official" day is August 28th for teachers meetings and a professional development workshop, but I'll probably be back in my classroom a week or two before that getting it ready for my new group of 3rd graders.
Wishing everyone a sunsational rest of the summer and wonderful new school year!!!


  1. Renee, I really admire you for the relationships you have maintained with your students. I love that they still feel so connected to you that they can come over for a pool party-turned-frame-decorating party. You will be the type of teacher they remember forever!

    Going Places in Fourth Grade