Monday, August 11, 2014

Monday Made It: Back to School

Here's my FIRST Monday Made It, hosted by Tara at Fourth Grade Frolics.
This week's projects are all classroom related now that the Back to School crunch has begun. And now, without further ado...
(insert drumroll and blaring trumpets)

I finally  finished my Language Arts Center Tub...well, I did find/think of a few more ideas I want to add, but the tub is ready for exploration when school starts. Some ideas came from my head, some from The Mailbox, and some were freebies from 3rd Grade Gridiron . The ziplock bag contains an Irregular Verbs Milk & Cookie Memory game; the cup and cookie patterns are from The Dollar Tree.

Throughout the school year I would get mobbed by students needing help, especially during Writing Workshop. So when I found these pencil pattern freebies at All Students Can Shine I let out a big WOOT! After laminating them, I decorated a library pocket, purchased at Hobby Lobby, to store them in. When my mom saw them she cracked up and said Writing Workshop will resemble the deli counter.

Speaking of pencils, mine would be gobbled up by the 2nd month of school and I would have to replenish them numerous times throughout the year. I found this idea on Pinterest. I placed duct tape flags atop each pencil so they're easily identified. I also put a strip of tape around the cup and hotglued the label onto the strip so it would stay. Easy peasy and cheap.


My old writing process display got faded by the sun  so I made this new one using construction paper I glued together. It's now laminated so looks a lot smoother than in the photo.

Instead of a Morning Do Now, my students write a journal entry after they arrive to school, unpack, and write/submit homework. I got tired of having to write the steps every day so created these labels, which match my homework labels. I display them side by side on the classroom whiteboard and divide the categories using Wasi tape.
That does it for my 1st Monday Made It. Happy learning!


  1. Cute! I love the Wait Your Turn Pencils...I may need some make something like that from my kiddos too!
    Short and Sassy Teacher

  2. Hi Rene! I'm a third grade teacher too (well this year, technically a 2/3 combo). I love the "Wait your turn" pencils. I cannot stress HOW annoying and distracting it is that students ask for pencils at the most inconvenient of times. I am trying the pencil war idea, but would def like to incorporate this.

    Good luck with the pencil war! A LoveLi Class