Sunday, December 21, 2014

Science Scoop

Here's the scoop on what we've been learning in science the past few weeks.

We completed our physical science unit learning about matter, energy, magnetism, and electricity. Here's a snapshot of the states of matter flipbooks we made using Cheerios to represent the layout of molecules in solids, liquids, and gases...
Experiments we conducted included blowing straw kazoos of different lengths to learn how pitch and volume were affected and a placing a pencil in a cup of water to view the refraction of light. These experiments as well as a flipbook, graphic organizers, and classification activities are available in my TPT store:

We've now begun our earth science unit learning how volcanoes and earthquakes change the Earth's surface. We even created our own volcanic eruption using Diet Coke and spearmint Mentos! Here's a student volunteer dropping Mentos into the soda bottle using  Steve Spangler's geyser tube...

and here's the geyser just about done erupting...

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to capture the actual eruption on film. The volunteer got so excited when the reaction started that he accidentally knocked over the bottle. We had a horizontal geyser until I managed to place the bottle upright. Trust me that it was a GINORMOUS eruption so if you do this experiment it should be someplace you can make a mess! The experiment is also available in my TPT store:

Next, we learned about weathering, erosion, and deposition in diverse ways including singing and acting out  a rock chant I found on You Tube:
Students also completed a "Weathering, Erosion, or Depostion?" sorting activity, which can be downloaded for free on Laura Chandler's Corkboard Connections site:
After winter break, we'll become rock and mineral experts and then move on to the planets, clouds, and weather.
Wishing everyone a wonderful holiday season!


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